Woman stabbed in neck by accused man of Norwich murder

4:15 PM July 22, 2022

A woman who went to help a man who was fatally stabbed has told how she was slashed in the neck by the attacker who she likened to the ‘devil’.

Dean Allsop died after being stabbed by Jamie Crosbie, 48, in Primrose Crescent, Thorpe St Andrew on April 14 last year.

Dean Allsop with his partner Louise Newell
– Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

Kerryn Johnson, who has since changed her surname to Kray, attempted to go to the aid of Mr Allsop.

The 41-year-old had been stabbed 17 times with a knife and a saw by Crosbie, who has gone on trial at Norwich Crown Court having denied murder.

Murder victim Dean Allsop pictured on a motorbike

Dean Allsop who was stabbed to death in Thorpe St Andrew
– Credits: Facebook

It came after Crosbie had become angry at the noise from the motorbike of Mr Allsop’s son, Mikey, which they had been trying to fix at the time.

On Friday (July 22) the jury heard from Miss Kray who had come out after hearing the victim’s partner, Louise Newell, screaming.

Emergency services were called to Primrose Crescent at about 7.35pm.

Police at Primrose Crescent after Dean Allsop was fatally stabbed
– Credits: Peter Walsh

She told Andrew Jackson, prosecuting, that she could not see Crosbie at that point but told Miss Newell to “calm down” and call the emergency services.

Miss Kray then looked “for any signs of life” in Mr Allsop.

She said: “I could see he had passed away.”

Miss Kray stood up and then Crosbie appeared with a “big knife”.

She said: “He put the knife twice into Dean’s neck.

“It went straight through like it meant nothing – it was very deliberate, very precise.

“Dean didn’t move.

“In that second I was thankful he had already passed away so he wouldn’t have felt that.”

A forensics van and police car put a cordon up on Primrose Crescent.

Police at Primrose Crescent after Dean Allsop was fatally stabbed
– Credits: Peter Walsh

She said Miss Newell was “screaming” and Crosbie then started stabbing her in the chest and her face.

Miss Kray shouted at Crosbie, who she had described as having held the knife with purpose, “like he was on a mission”, to stop before he started on her.

She told a cut hand as she tried to “block the knife” but told Miss Newell to go.

She said: “He stabbed me in the arm first, the left arm.

“He was very silent as he had been throughout.”

Miss Kray said she turned to look at her injuries, which “exposed my neck area”.

She said: “He put the knife straight through it.

“The knife he used on beautiful Dean went through my neck”.

Six police vehicles including a dog unit were on the scene on the corner of Yarmouth Road

Police at Primrose Crescent after Dean Allsop was fatally stabbed
– Credits: Daniel Moxon

She said he stabbed her three times in her neck and on the third time she “grabbed hold of his wrist and pulled the knife out”.

Miss Kray later fell to the floor and Crosbie, who she said had looked like the devil, walked off.

As she was taken to the ambulance she saw Crosbie in his garden and shouted at him with him shouting back.

Miss Kray said: “He looked very angry that I was still alive.”

In cross examination Elizabeth Marsh QC, defending Crosbie, asked Miss Kray whether the “hollow fixated stare” she described the defendant as having in her statement was more apparent on April 14 last year.

She said it was.

Police forensic officers at the scene of a fatal stabbing and three other people injured at Primrose

Police forensic officers at the scene of a fatal stabbing, which saw other people injured, at Primrose Crescent in Thorpe St Andrew.
– Credits: DENISE BRADLEY/Archant2021

Earlier the jury heard Miss Newell being cross examined by Miss Marsh, having previously given evidence in the case.

She asked Miss Newell what happened after she had gone to see Mr Allsop while he was on the ground.

Miss Newell said: “I thought he (Crosbie) was coming towards me so I just stepped back a bit he then stood over Dean and stabbed him twice in the neck.

She said she was “screaming please no” but Crosbie “just didn’t say anything”

As he bent down and was stabbing Mr Allsop Miss Newell said he was “looking straight at me” before he lunged at her with a knife.

Police at the scene of a fatal stabbing and three other people injured at Primrose Crescent

– Credits: DENISE BRADLEY/Archant2021

She said Crosbie was “just staring” .

“It’s just a look he had, like he just wanted to kill Dean.

“I just felt he wanted us all dead.”

Crosbie, of Primrose Crescent, has gone on trial having denied the murder of Mr Allsop.

He has also denied the attempted murder and wounding with intent of Miss Newell and Miss Kray.

The trial continues.

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