Canterbury arsonist Richard Barham torched cars and left couple fearing for their lives

A drunken fire-starter left a terrified couple trapped inside their smoke-filled home after triggering a series of explosions during an arson spree. Richard Barham, 38, torched several cars in Canterbury in the early hours of the morning, causing more than £70,000 worth of damage. The smoke from one blaze engulfed a nearby home, with those … Read more

Crab and Winkle Restaurant and Whitstable Fish Market owner ‘at wits’ end’ over rent

Additional reporting by KMTV’s Bartholomew Hall The owners of a harbor business destroyed by a fire are still being billed for rent – despite the revelation the blaze was caused by contractors working for the city council. Devastated Elizabeth Bennett, who runs the Crab & Winkle Restaurant and Whitstable Fish Market, has been invoiced for … Read more